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Product Image The Animal Book - 101 Collective Nouns

The Animal Book - 101 Collective Nouns



A gaze of raccoons? A smack of jellyfish? A loveliness of ladybirds?

Join us for an illustrated journey through the animal kingdom with Tasmanian artist Jennifer Cossins in '101 Collective Nouns'.

Featuring 101 full-colour animal illustrations, each with its very own collective noun, as well as a brief history of collective nouns, this hard cover book will delight children and adults alike.

About the artist: 

Jennifer Cossins is a Tasmanian artist and writer who publishes her unique illustrative work through her own company Red Parka Designs. 

With a passion for the animal kingdom, creative lifestyles, epic adventures, coffee, linguistics and all things bright and colourful, Jennifer’s work spans adult and children’s genres and also includes a range of books, stationery products, textiles and homewares. Her work endeavours to make people smile and laugh and teach them something new while encouraging and fostering love and care for the natural world around us.

A born and bred Tasmanian, Jennifer has her own store in Hobart where Red Parka has become a local institution for contemporary and original art and design.