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Product Image African Sun Hat - Small Brim Plain

African Sun Hat - Small Brim Plain


This size is perfect for our minis!! 

Unique, handwoven African summer hats that are beautiful and functional. Made from all natural materials and woven by incredible artisan weavers, these unique African products are great shade from the sun and an obvious fashion statement.

Each hat has attached plaited leather neck cord to secure in place when necessary.

Materials: Elephant grass and leather.

Size: One size fits all.

Measurements are a guide only. Approximately 58cm - 60cm circumference taken inside base. Crown depth varies. Brim width approximately 6cm.

To best mould to your head, simply wet and shape then dry.

Information: Elephant grass grows surrounding waterholes in the Sahel Region of West Africa. The strong slender leaves are harvested seasonally by the Fra Fra people of Northern Ghana, then soaked and stretched to produce a fine, supple, and extra strong fibre. Your purchase of this item helps to maintain the time-honoured craft of weaving, while continuing a long-existing fair trade relationship with these people.

****An additional postage charge might appear on overseas orders.