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Product Image Wildflower Liberty League Bandana - More colour options.

Wildflower Liberty League Bandana - More colour options.

$7.00 $14.00

Custom Wildflower Liberty League bandana.

hand illustrated by Los Angeles artist, Emma Trithart;
made with hand dyed, cotton fabric, individually screen printed using eco inks by Fred DiMeglio of Man vs Ink in Philidelphia, PA;
each bandana measures approximately 21”x20.5”


Wildflower Liberty League was founded as a nonprofit to promote diversity and raise awareness for equality while donating all profits to children's charities. WLL believes that all children deserve hope and that children waiting in foster care deserve respect, love, and care. That's why we have partnered with Together We Rise, a nonprofit organization that supports children in foster care by providing Sweet Cases instead of trash bags for children entering foster care, bicycles to youths who've emancipated from the system, Family Fellowship to help more youths from foster care graduate from college, connecting foster families with photographers to celebrate their adoption day, and so much more.