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04 Mar '16

Never not running!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

This morning I got the idea for my first blog post: I always make a post after a run and most of them are pretty photos of me looking ohhh so smiley and happy because it's been an awesome run. - but what really happens 'behind the scenes' on a 13k run with a 5 month old?!!

Well I will tell you because today I did my first long run with Leon in the pram. - and I had no clue how it would go, so I was prepared for the worse especially because he hasn't been a huge fan of being restrained in general. (He hates the car and I've only managed to do short runs with him so far). 

He was awake the first 3k and started getting tired and grumpy so I stopped and cuddled him to sleep for 2 minutes. (Now before I go on I need to tell you that stopping during your run sucks!! - it sucks because your muscles cool down, you start sweating a river and you have to start and stop your engine which requires more energy from your body. - it sucks!) 

Anyway, - he fell asleep so I quickly popped him back in pram, straps on, ready, lets go!! 

He slept for 5 wonderful K's and by the time he woke up he was keen for a little drink. - I didn't really schedule for this and have never fed him during a run but oh well, - the things a breastfeeding runner needs to do. At least I had a bloody good view and he is a fast drinker so after 5 minutes he was good to go.

Happy again and back in the stroller we ran home for another 4k's which he enjoyed fine. - he was starting to get cranky the last k or so, so I had to run while constantly popping the dummy back in his mouth. 

We managed to run 13k's with a pit stop. - I'm pretty happy with that and will be trying for a long run like this every friday in the lead up to my half marathon. Hopefully when he's snacking I can give him a little snack bag to keep him entertained for longer. Here's me hoping! 

After a run I try to stretch and have a nice shower but that doesn't happen when Leon is awake and ready for some play. - so I try to involve him in a bit of stretching and the shower needs to wait. 

This is actually the part of the run I hate the most. - when I finish and I'm super tired and sweaty it's a pain to be carrying a baby around. - you want to get showered and put some fresh clothes on and have a nice big feed. Leon will not let me have 10 minutes to do any of that. - so I grab a fresh tee and get rid of my wet running one. - make a protein drink with one hand while holding Leon in the other arm and hang out with him till he's due for another sleep. An then it's go go go. - shower and everything else I manage to do while he's having a snooze. 

One thing I do, so I have time to go running is my groceries online. - today they arrived as I came back from my run. - seriously a GAME CHANGER. I got to do something for myself, my health and fresh air for Leon while my groceries got delivered. 

Right, - I hope you enjoyed the 'behind the scenes' of one of my runs. I got my daily exercise over and done with and I'm pumped for the day. Catch you all on IG over the weekend. 

Paulie. X 




04 Mar '16

Gosh here we go another mum blogger?!?

Posted by Paulina Eaborn
Gosh here we go another mum blogger?!?
Yeah I know it's no news there's a lot of us but I'm going to add another fish to the ocean. 
This will be my first blog post out of many to come actually. - I've decided to start blogging so you can see what's going on behind the pretty squares. - I also want to share tips, advice, stories, product reviews and just chat in general. I have followers who are along on the ride for different reasons. - some follow me for my work with the Pray4Trax necklace, some for my running, some for my parenting etc. - I want to give you all a chance to read about the topics that interest you and not have to listen to my different doings on IG. 
Please let me know what you want to read about, - if there's anything I can share with you all or if theres something about us you've always wanted to know. I would love to get ideas!
Ohhh and please keep in mind that english is my second language so if I do make some grammar mistakes have a little laugh on my account I don't mind :-) 
See you on here tonight for my first blog post about running. 
Paulie. X 


14 Jun '14

Upcoming trip to Sydney

Posted by Paulina Eaborn in Alexandrena Parker

I'm so proud to finally tell you the reason for our Sydney trip. - Tysi and I are flying down to take part in a photo shoot for the #pray4trax necklace. All set up and taken by the amazing photographer Alexandrena Parker. - she is the photographer behind some of the biggest brands in kids fashion such as Country Road, Seed, Bonds, Myers etc etc. - I was lucky enough to be contacted by this beautiful girl who wanted to help us in our attempt to spread awareness about CF. At 6 weeks old Alex was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis herself, but it wasn't till she was a teenager that she started suffering and having major medical problems. I'm so honored to get to meet this talented lady who just recently turned 25 and has been advocating and creating awareness for CF on television programs and print media.