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30 May '16

Let's talk about 'Love from Bug' Bandana Bibs!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

Let's talk about 'Love from Bug' Bandana Bibs!

We are loving these quirky bandana bibs made and designed by aussie mama Zoe Larkin.

Zoe loves design, functionality and fine craftsmanship. All of this goes into the pot to create a range of products to keep your children looking like... children! This means COLOUR, PRINT and FUN!

Zoe spotted a need for fun bandana bibs and started to design her own. With her knowledge of fine art and design from university she went back to her roots and investigated the screen-printing process. All designs are drawn by Zoe in her Yarra Valley studio.

Caring for the environment is very close to Zoe’s heart and all Love From Bug’s products are made using recycled elements where possible. The printing process is environmentally friendly and the carbon footprint is kept as low as possible still bringing you quality, on trend, products.

Zoe believes strongly in smart design and that consumer should go back a step and re-used before being recycled. This is why all the packaging doubles as a child’s activity. Gift it, use it, play with it and then recycle it.

Having a new baby is one of the most wonderful (and exhausting) things in life. Sometimes this can be a little hard on the older sibling. When Zoe visited new families she always took a gift for the older sibling, not the just the baby. Now with Love From Bug’s range you can do both! Help keep that little green monster at bay.

Get your bandana bibs from the website: http://www.lovefrombug.com.au 

07 May '16

Kids New Season styles from Target

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

We love having a look through "Kids New Season styles from Target" - I chose one outfit each for the boys that is so perfect for the changing temperatures. - although still hot throughout the day it's good to layer up in the morning and evening. - and cover their cold little ears with some beanies. The shoe selection is on point too with some high top boots which are easy to put on and take off and also perfect to match with different outfits. 

Rixen's "Rebel" tee, - is perfect for his cheeky personality. Tysi's "Acid Jogger Pants" are super cool. - matched with a 10 bucks "flanny" which is super soft.

The styles I've chosen really make the boys look nice and comfy for the colder weather. - they both loved their shoes and Rixy kept shouting "I look so cool right now!"

(See links below for the rest of the outfits).




Tysi's Outfit:






Rixen's Outfit:




(Rixen's beanie not online - in store only) 


29 Mar '16

Let's talk about ChatBooks!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

Let's talk about ChatBooks!

I love these little books because: - I used to constantly feel bad about not printing photos. - I had photos on my phone, my Instagram, Facebook. - everywhere but in my hand for my kids to look through or to treasure later on in life. 

This company made it super easy for me to catch up with all my non printed photos from my Instagram. - you choose how many books you want delivered per month to catch up and once caught up you receive a printed book every time you have enough photos for a book. - you can even add photos from Facebook or photos you haven't posted on any social media just grab them from your phone. 

You can include your social media comments or not. - choose the title of your books and date them all. 

Each book is 60 pages of photos and cost $8 US and $2 to ship to Australia. 

Each time you get close to 60 new photos in your book, you’ll get a notification. Go ahead and edit to your heart’s content: exclude photos, edit captions, and move things around. Or just relax and get on with life. Either way, your book will arrive at your doorstep a few days later.

I love the simple look of them and that the kids can flick through the little pages without having to pull a huge and heavy photo album out. 

Get started on your collection on: www.chatbooks.com 




21 Mar '16

Let's talk about healthy snacks from Whole Kids.

Posted by Paulina Eaborn
So it's not a secret that we love staying healthy and eating good food. - my boys are super fussy so I struggle finding healthy snacks. I rather they eat beautiful raw food: Veggies, fruit and nuts. And although they love to snack on a carrot, apple or a handful of nuts they do love little treats that come in funny packages. 
And this is where Whole Kids come in: It's basically real food put together into healthy snacks. It's organic, no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or other added nasties.
We do tend to stay away from all things made with fruit such as juice, fruit bars and fruit smoothies. Reason being that I believe kids should just eat the fruit as is. - theres no need to make it into something else in my book. - fruit is natures natural dessert and is sweet and beautiful enough as is. 
But from the savoury range we have been absolutely crazy about their nibblesticks, corn puffs, crackers. - ohh and really yummy cocoa biscuits. 
Rixy got to try some of their range with me today and to be honest I enjoyed it as much as him. Now for me the game changer is that all their products are available to buy online!!! - yes they have an online shop. I love online shopping and especially when it involves food. 
So if you do lack ideas for/or just need some yummy snacks do visit www.wholekids.com.au or check their range at your local woolies or coles. - this lovely range of snacks was made by a fellow mama, Monica who couldn’t find any healthy, tasty and convenient snacks for her family. She and her hubby James spent all their savings they were meant to buy a house for to start Whole Kids and used their little rented house as a storage for all their stock. - if that isn't inspiring I don't know what is. 
The philosophy at Whole Kids is simple.
"We believe in healthy kids and a healthy world. We believe in unjunking our food and our lives. We only choose the finest quality organic ingredients we can find. No artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or other added nasties. Real food made by real people."