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07 May '16

Kids New Season styles from Target

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

We love having a look through "Kids New Season styles from Target" - I chose one outfit each for the boys that is so perfect for the changing temperatures. - although still hot throughout the day it's good to layer up in the morning and evening. - and cover their cold little ears with some beanies. The shoe selection is on point too with some high top boots which are easy to put on and take off and also perfect to match with different outfits. 

Rixen's "Rebel" tee, - is perfect for his cheeky personality. Tysi's "Acid Jogger Pants" are super cool. - matched with a 10 bucks "flanny" which is super soft.

The styles I've chosen really make the boys look nice and comfy for the colder weather. - they both loved their shoes and Rixy kept shouting "I look so cool right now!"

(See links below for the rest of the outfits).




Tysi's Outfit:






Rixen's Outfit:




(Rixen's beanie not online - in store only) 


29 Mar '16

Let's talk about ChatBooks!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

Let's talk about ChatBooks!

I love these little books because: - I used to constantly feel bad about not printing photos. - I had photos on my phone, my Instagram, Facebook. - everywhere but in my hand for my kids to look through or to treasure later on in life. 

This company made it super easy for me to catch up with all my non printed photos from my Instagram. - you choose how many books you want delivered per month to catch up and once caught up you receive a printed book every time you have enough photos for a book. - you can even add photos from Facebook or photos you haven't posted on any social media just grab them from your phone. 

You can include your social media comments or not. - choose the title of your books and date them all. 

Each book is 60 pages of photos and cost $8 US and $2 to ship to Australia. 

Each time you get close to 60 new photos in your book, you’ll get a notification. Go ahead and edit to your heart’s content: exclude photos, edit captions, and move things around. Or just relax and get on with life. Either way, your book will arrive at your doorstep a few days later.

I love the simple look of them and that the kids can flick through the little pages without having to pull a huge and heavy photo album out. 

Get started on your collection on: www.chatbooks.com 




21 Mar '16

Let's talk about healthy snacks from Whole Kids.

Posted by Paulina Eaborn
So it's not a secret that we love staying healthy and eating good food. - my boys are super fussy so I struggle finding healthy snacks. I rather they eat beautiful raw food: Veggies, fruit and nuts. And although they love to snack on a carrot, apple or a handful of nuts they do love little treats that come in funny packages. 
And this is where Whole Kids come in: It's basically real food put together into healthy snacks. It's organic, no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or other added nasties.
We do tend to stay away from all things made with fruit such as juice, fruit bars and fruit smoothies. Reason being that I believe kids should just eat the fruit as is. - theres no need to make it into something else in my book. - fruit is natures natural dessert and is sweet and beautiful enough as is. 
But from the savoury range we have been absolutely crazy about their nibblesticks, corn puffs, crackers. - ohh and really yummy cocoa biscuits. 
Rixy got to try some of their range with me today and to be honest I enjoyed it as much as him. Now for me the game changer is that all their products are available to buy online!!! - yes they have an online shop. I love online shopping and especially when it involves food. 
So if you do lack ideas for/or just need some yummy snacks do visit www.wholekids.com.au or check their range at your local woolies or coles. - this lovely range of snacks was made by a fellow mama, Monica who couldn’t find any healthy, tasty and convenient snacks for her family. She and her hubby James spent all their savings they were meant to buy a house for to start Whole Kids and used their little rented house as a storage for all their stock. - if that isn't inspiring I don't know what is. 
The philosophy at Whole Kids is simple.
"We believe in healthy kids and a healthy world. We believe in unjunking our food and our lives. We only choose the finest quality organic ingredients we can find. No artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or other added nasties. Real food made by real people."
09 Mar '16

"If you ever see me running it's a matter of life and death!"

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

"If you ever see me running it's a matter of life and death!"

- this used to be my usual comment followed by a laugh when someone told me I should start running. I was such an anti runner it wasn't funny. - I had smoked since I was about 15 so my lungs would hurt if I ran a few meters to catch the bus. While being of the cigarettes when pregnant with Rixy I promised myself not to start smoking again. - I never wanted to go back to that habit. So I needed a new addiction. - and for some ironic reason that became running.

I started as soon as I got the 'ok' from the doctor. (The before photo was taken that day) It was super hard I had no fitness at all. - I started walking on the treadmill. Then I managed to run a K without stoping. And for a while I would run/walk/run. Until suddenly one day I managed to run 5K without stopping. - I ran my first ever race and got a medal! A medal! Me! - and with my boys witnessing this it became my addiction. Not only did I feel amazing but I made my boys proud. Exactly a year after giving birth to Rixen I ran my second 10k race and I promised myself that the year after, I would run my first half marathon. And so I did. On the 6th of July I ran the Gold Coast Half Marathon. - it was awesome and I was crying running through that finish line. Partly because of the pain in my hips (I guess because of my two natural births) but mostly because I had set myself a goal and I had done it!

Every runner has a story. - mine isn't very different to others but it's such a big achievement for the person who I was when smoking 20 cigarettes pr day and not knowing the word exercise. It's changed my view of well being and how our bodies operate. - it's made me so aware of the connection between food as a fuel to keep the body going. - it's amazing to feel how your efforts don't mean a thing if you don't put the right food in your mouth. - and the bonus side of running; the body I have never had. - muscles and abs appearing out of no where and a lean toned figure.

Ohh how I wish I could give you a magic tip to the success I've had. - it's been long coming and my advice is to work hard and be determined. Nothing happens overnight. So don't go for the easy and quick solutions with some kind of magic diet. Live life happy and eat healthy and allow yourself an icecream with your kids. - teach them about the importance of staying healthy and fit. And find something you enjoy doing - like I did with my running. Then it just comes naturally. Set yourself little goals and celebrate every achievement. And move up the ladder from there. I started walking on a treadmill and couldn't even run 1k !! So I set myself realistic goals and succeeded. - there's never an excuse for not getting a half hours exercise done. Wether it's at the gym or at home (with your kids).


Paulie. X