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08 Aug '16

Nana Huchy. - makers of classic gifts from a time gone by.

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

It's not often that my big boys fight about soft toys and blankets. - but for some reason this exact thing happened when the beautiful soft package from Nana Huchy arrived at the front door. - suddenly the boys both wanted a blanket that I secretly wanted for myself and both of them went head over heals with the papa knitted doll. - I thought the papa doll would be such a nice thing for them to have considering their daddy works away so whenever they miss him too much they could cuddle this beautifully made doll.

So needless to say that we are all big fans of Nana Huchy who (in their own words) make classic gifts from a time gone by, adding a touch of mischief to life's essentials. 

After traveling the world, it seems true inspiration can be found closer to home, or Nana's home to be more precise. It seems in a faster paced world, the delicate sophistication of yesteryear had fallen by the wayside, Nana Huchy's creators, Lucy and Hannah Morrison, sought to revive a world filled with warmth, fresh colours and unmistakable style, just like their Nana's.

It all started in 2003 when the two set out on an exciting journey, researching the products that were soon to become their trademark pieces. Beginning with an eclectic range of bags, demand soon saw them branching out to create products for the kitchen, boudoir and of course, for the little, cheeky ones. In 2006, Hannah left to pursue other dreams while Lucy continues to scour the world, and her Nana's house, for practical products and designs that bring that unforgettable elegance to anyone's home.

With the launch of their new blankets, designed in Melbourne by Sunday Ganim exclusively for Nana Huchy we took the opportunity to ask the designer Sunday a few questions. This blanket is such a beautiful piece. - Tysi was lucky enough to claim it to be his own. These 100% cotton blankets are perfect for the cot, pram, or around the house. Super soft, durable and made to last and snuggle up to for years.

I love hearing how brands start up and how designers find their inspiration. Check out how Sunday finds hers:

Who is Sunday Ganim? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a Melbourne based textile designer who creates baby blankets!

How did Sunday Ganim Blankets start?

Sunday Ganim Blankets began five years ago, when my nephew Max was born. I held an exhibition of hand woven scarves that I had produced and with the excess yarn I decided to create a baby blanket just in time for his arrival. He loved it and friends and family began to request their own blankets, so Sunday Ganim Blankets was born.

 Where do you find inspiration for your blankets?

The old saying, anything and everything can be inspiration reigns true.

I take a lot of photos of colours that I notice in everyday life, from nature to food to architecture. I also get colour inspiration from old films, or fabric stitch details from old library reference books. However, recently I have been getting a lot of inspiration from cooking!

What does your day look like?

I work on the business in a part-time capacity, the day is split between working in the mornings whilst afternoon are spent with my 18 month son, Remy. Work involves the constant trickle of emails then, there is the laising with my production manager, knitter and wholesale accounts.

 How did the project with Nana Huchy come about?

I have known Lucy for many years, since the beginning of Nana Huchy and I love the ranges she puts together for young people - the toys especially! I also am a fan of her charity work she runs with Nana Huchy, like the Easter Bunny campaign, so naturally I was keen to do something together when she asked.

We begun talking about extending her range to offer a cot blanket that sits within the nana Huchy family and over a few get togethers the Nana Huchy blanket range was created!

What future plans do you have for Sunday Ganim blankets?

We are currently developing new ranges for 2017 at the moment, but for the immediate future look out for the usual mix of classic blankets, with some varying colourways being released this summer. 

Thank you to Sunday for taking her time to open up to a bit of her world and to Nana Huchy for making these beautiful pieces. - Visit Nana Huchy's website to see the rest of the softest pieces. 


01 Aug '16

Running up and down 5000 stairs!!!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn
Running up and down 5000 stairs!!! 
The other weekend I spent my sunday morning on running up and down a crazy amount of stairs at The Gabba. - it was an event called Stadium Stomp.
I've never tried it before and wasn't sure what to think of it. - but I must admit I had a balll! I absolutely loved the event, the atmosphere and the challenge. 
It was so well organised with helpful volunteers, photo stations, toilets, food & drinks. - and most importantly a hang out area for families and spectators. I love being able to bring my family for all my races or events. And it's lovely when they have a nice area to hang out in. - They could actually see me and my buddies run up and down and follow our progress which they loved! 
I had brought some of my friends to try the challenge with me, - we were sent up to the start area in little teams to prevent the stair traffic from clogging up too much. - it was just so well organized with volunteers warming us up and getting us pumped. The challenge was hard work; running up and down the top deck of the Gabba twice and then the bottom deck once with a little run to finish off. - there was volunteers around on the stairs cheering us on and plenty of water stations. Once we got really warmed up climbing the stairs we figured out a rhythm and smashed our way through the challenge. - there was a lot of people walking which was fine because they just stayed to the left of the path so us runners could whizz past. I loved seeing all ages and fitness levels giving the stairs a go it was really inspirering. My running buddies and I finished the challenge in 35 minutes which we were pretty happy with. 
At the finish line we received our medals, - drinks and fruit, - and a chance to recover. We were so pumped. - and had all enjoyed ourselves so much. We all decided we needed to come back next year to try to beat our time.
I would highly recommend this event for everyone. - as a personal challenge or even as awesome training for your general fitness. - for me it was a good training day for my upcoming races as a different way of moving my legs a strengthening those leg muscles.
I hope to see you all next year!! X  
What is stadium stomp?
Stadium stomp is the ultimate stair climbing challenge. It’s fun, unique and coming to a major stadium near you! Participants climb up, down and around the stadium bays to music in this fun and unique fitness challenge. You’ll never look at a sporting stadium the same way again! For more information or to register head to www.stadiumstomp.com.au
21 Jun '16

bam |+| boo Eczema and sensitive-skin friendly clothing for your children

Posted by Matt Eaborn
bam |+| boo
Eczema and sensitive-skin friendly clothing for your children.
Designed and created by two mamas who's babies suffered from bad eczema. - living with and having to deal with eczema in babies made them realise that there was huge gap in the market for stylish yet silky soft bamboo clothing which reduced the irritation and helps keep eczema prone skin comfortable.
Tysi has quite bad dermatitis when the weather changes or we use new products which have something in them that his skin can't cope with, - so I know exactly how horrible it is for a child. So needless to say that we love B+B and what they stand for! I love their little black bodysuits for Leon AND their beautiful black cot sheet set. 
What they stand for?
bam |+| boo kids promises to provide clothing that is kind to sensitive and eczema prone skin without compromising style. They also do their best to provide practical and functional clothing. Clothes that grow with your child.
What does this really mean?
|+| Eczema and sensitive skin clothing - by using bamboo viscose and organic cotton fabric, B+B clothing is soft and breathable. This means less irritation.
|+| Pants and sleeves that have longer cuffs so that you can fold them up then down as your children grow.
|+| Just because they are little and possibly uncomfortable from Eczema doesn’t mean they have to miss out on wearing fashionable and comfortable clothing.
|+| Clothing that is affordable and reasonable for the quality of the product.
|+| Clothing that is on trend and fun.
Check out their online shop for all the beautiful pieces: 
09 Jun '16

New Season Styles from Target - May.

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

The chilly weather in Brisbane came suddenly and cold winds and rain have dominated the overall mood. Although super cold in the morning and evening it can become quite hot when in the midday sun. - so layers is a must when dressing the little ones.

We've found some cute outfits at Target to fit the unpredictable weather. - their vests are perfect for the chilly winds. Long funky socks can go together with a pair of shorts to make the outfit a bit warmer. 

The dino shoes were an instant hit with Rixen. - they even light up when he walks! And my absolute favourite are Tysi's Splatter Print track pants. - I love the print and super soft quality. 

All styles available at Target in store or online: 



30 May '16

Let's talk about 'Love from Bug' Bandana Bibs!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

Let's talk about 'Love from Bug' Bandana Bibs!

We are loving these quirky bandana bibs made and designed by aussie mama Zoe Larkin.

Zoe loves design, functionality and fine craftsmanship. All of this goes into the pot to create a range of products to keep your children looking like... children! This means COLOUR, PRINT and FUN!

Zoe spotted a need for fun bandana bibs and started to design her own. With her knowledge of fine art and design from university she went back to her roots and investigated the screen-printing process. All designs are drawn by Zoe in her Yarra Valley studio.

Caring for the environment is very close to Zoe’s heart and all Love From Bug’s products are made using recycled elements where possible. The printing process is environmentally friendly and the carbon footprint is kept as low as possible still bringing you quality, on trend, products.

Zoe believes strongly in smart design and that consumer should go back a step and re-used before being recycled. This is why all the packaging doubles as a child’s activity. Gift it, use it, play with it and then recycle it.

Having a new baby is one of the most wonderful (and exhausting) things in life. Sometimes this can be a little hard on the older sibling. When Zoe visited new families she always took a gift for the older sibling, not the just the baby. Now with Love From Bug’s range you can do both! Help keep that little green monster at bay.

Get your bandana bibs from the website: http://www.lovefrombug.com.au