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01 Aug '16

Running up and down 5000 stairs!!!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn
Running up and down 5000 stairs!!! 
The other weekend I spent my sunday morning on running up and down a crazy amount of stairs at The Gabba. - it was an event called Stadium Stomp.
I've never tried it before and wasn't sure what to think of it. - but I must admit I had a balll! I absolutely loved the event, the atmosphere and the challenge. 
It was so well organised with helpful volunteers, photo stations, toilets, food & drinks. - and most importantly a hang out area for families and spectators. I love being able to bring my family for all my races or events. And it's lovely when they have a nice area to hang out in. - They could actually see me and my buddies run up and down and follow our progress which they loved! 
I had brought some of my friends to try the challenge with me, - we were sent up to the start area in little teams to prevent the stair traffic from clogging up too much. - it was just so well organized with volunteers warming us up and getting us pumped. The challenge was hard work; running up and down the top deck of the Gabba twice and then the bottom deck once with a little run to finish off. - there was volunteers around on the stairs cheering us on and plenty of water stations. Once we got really warmed up climbing the stairs we figured out a rhythm and smashed our way through the challenge. - there was a lot of people walking which was fine because they just stayed to the left of the path so us runners could whizz past. I loved seeing all ages and fitness levels giving the stairs a go it was really inspirering. My running buddies and I finished the challenge in 35 minutes which we were pretty happy with. 
At the finish line we received our medals, - drinks and fruit, - and a chance to recover. We were so pumped. - and had all enjoyed ourselves so much. We all decided we needed to come back next year to try to beat our time.
I would highly recommend this event for everyone. - as a personal challenge or even as awesome training for your general fitness. - for me it was a good training day for my upcoming races as a different way of moving my legs a strengthening those leg muscles.
I hope to see you all next year!! X  
What is stadium stomp?
Stadium stomp is the ultimate stair climbing challenge. It’s fun, unique and coming to a major stadium near you! Participants climb up, down and around the stadium bays to music in this fun and unique fitness challenge. You’ll never look at a sporting stadium the same way again! For more information or to register head to www.stadiumstomp.com.au

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