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22 Dec '16

Beach & Bandits Swimwear

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

Beach & Bandits

We've just been testing out the super cool swimwear Beach & Bandits and we are so in love with the fit and the quality. - It's awesome to have some stylish beach wear that is so super safe for the kids skin here in the hot Aussie sun. We spend every saturday morning on the beach while Tysi does nippers. - this means lots of hours in the sun for my two little ones who watch Tysi, play in the sand and run around in the water. The Beach and Bandit range has been so great and easy to use. - Leon's full body suit opens up at the legs for easy access to nappy changes. - the range also has a cool little backpack and towel. 

Check out all the photos from one of our days at the beach and read all about the brand below. X 

(Rixen's hat: Rookie & Co. )

(Leon's hat: Bedhead Hats )



We are a seaside based brand, born out of a love for long summer days on the beach, which we aim to translate into cool, comfortable & sun-safe (UPF50+) pieces for your little bandits. Through our handdrawn illustrations we want to capture your little bandits imagination and encourage their wanderlust. We want your kids to come out of their shell, go to the beach, catch some waves, live in the sunshine...to stay wild! But above all, we want to keep your little bandits safe in the sun. Skin cancer is increasingly becoming the most common type of cancer worldwide. And with childhood sunburns being the leader in causing skin cancer later in life, we need to ensure our kids are protected from the sun's harmful UV rays.

The ' Sink or Swim ' collection was designed by the husband and wife duo, Hans and Jo-anne. Together with their two little bandits they spend most of their time on the beach. They wanted them to be safe in the sun, but also to look cool. In their search for cool & comfortable sun-safe threads, they got frustrated at the lack of these threads available. So they started their journey and set out on a mission. Beach & Bandits was born and believes that UPF50+ sun-protective threads can be cool and sun-safe at the same time! 

We keep them safe, they keep us wild!

Beach & Bandits

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