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29 Mar '16

Let's talk about ChatBooks!

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

Let's talk about ChatBooks!

I love these little books because: - I used to constantly feel bad about not printing photos. - I had photos on my phone, my Instagram, Facebook. - everywhere but in my hand for my kids to look through or to treasure later on in life. 

This company made it super easy for me to catch up with all my non printed photos from my Instagram. - you choose how many books you want delivered per month to catch up and once caught up you receive a printed book every time you have enough photos for a book. - you can even add photos from Facebook or photos you haven't posted on any social media just grab them from your phone. 

You can include your social media comments or not. - choose the title of your books and date them all. 

Each book is 60 pages of photos and cost $8 US and $2 to ship to Australia. 

Each time you get close to 60 new photos in your book, you’ll get a notification. Go ahead and edit to your heart’s content: exclude photos, edit captions, and move things around. Or just relax and get on with life. Either way, your book will arrive at your doorstep a few days later.

I love the simple look of them and that the kids can flick through the little pages without having to pull a huge and heavy photo album out. 

Get started on your collection on: www.chatbooks.com 





Yep so that is US dollars the shipping. – and no I didn’t change anything on the date. – I think it will show you an example on how it will look. X Paulie

Posted by Paulie on March 29, 2016


Is it really $2 for shipping to us in Australia? Also did you change the way the date is written for hoe we write the date? e.g 29.3.16 instead of 3.29.16? Hope this makes sense…Thank you for you time

Posted by Janine on March 29, 2016

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