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21 Mar '16

Let's talk about healthy snacks from Whole Kids.

Posted by Paulina Eaborn
So it's not a secret that we love staying healthy and eating good food. - my boys are super fussy so I struggle finding healthy snacks. I rather they eat beautiful raw food: Veggies, fruit and nuts. And although they love to snack on a carrot, apple or a handful of nuts they do love little treats that come in funny packages. 
And this is where Whole Kids come in: It's basically real food put together into healthy snacks. It's organic, no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or other added nasties.
We do tend to stay away from all things made with fruit such as juice, fruit bars and fruit smoothies. Reason being that I believe kids should just eat the fruit as is. - theres no need to make it into something else in my book. - fruit is natures natural dessert and is sweet and beautiful enough as is. 
But from the savoury range we have been absolutely crazy about their nibblesticks, corn puffs, crackers. - ohh and really yummy cocoa biscuits. 
Rixy got to try some of their range with me today and to be honest I enjoyed it as much as him. Now for me the game changer is that all their products are available to buy online!!! - yes they have an online shop. I love online shopping and especially when it involves food. 
So if you do lack ideas for/or just need some yummy snacks do visit www.wholekids.com.au or check their range at your local woolies or coles. - this lovely range of snacks was made by a fellow mama, Monica who couldn’t find any healthy, tasty and convenient snacks for her family. She and her hubby James spent all their savings they were meant to buy a house for to start Whole Kids and used their little rented house as a storage for all their stock. - if that isn't inspiring I don't know what is. 
The philosophy at Whole Kids is simple.
"We believe in healthy kids and a healthy world. We believe in unjunking our food and our lives. We only choose the finest quality organic ingredients we can find. No artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or other added nasties. Real food made by real people."

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