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22 May '14

The Pray4Trax Necklace

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

“Do they not have medicine on Trax’s planet?”


The story about The Pray4Trax Necklace.

I started following Kassi Bacuqet and her family on Instagram when she was still pregnant with her twins Tavvi & Trax. – I myself was pregnant with Rixen and was due short before the twins were scheduled to arrive. I always stopped complaining about my own pregnancy pains and discomfort when I thought about Kassi being this tiny little women pregnant with twins – it made me realize that what I was going through wasn’t too bad. – it was also nice to follow the birth of the twins while I by that time had baby Rixen in my arms. – I was in a bobble of joy and new found love for this little human I was getting to know.


It was when one of Kassi’s twins, Trax had to be hospitalized for failure to thrive that my heart started bleeding for this mum of 5 beautiful children. – it was in such a humble way this family shared their story on Instagram and asked people to pray for their little baby boy who a couple weeks later got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Whether it was baby brains, or emotions or the hormones raging through my body while reading their prayers while I was breastfeeding my own perfectly healthy baby boy. – I’m not quite sure. But without ever having met this woman I felt such a deep sorrow for the whole family who had been in and out of hospital since the birth of their twins.


Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects a number of organs in the body (especially the lungs and pancreas) by clogging them with thick, sticky mucus. – this means little Trax needs treatment several times a day and special food. – the cost of all this made the family of seven open a GoFund account where family and friends could donate and help out financially.


The week before Tysi’s birthday September 2013, we were making little party favors for his friends who would be attending his party. – we made an animal necklace. And I designed a little magnetic lock because I was so scared some of the children would get hurt or even worse get stuck while climbing a tree. The necklace became an instant success around the house. – Tysi’s necklace was a blue cheetah and he treated it with such care as if it was a real pet. – on top of that he could take it on and off on his own because of the magnetic lock.


So I decided to make these with Tysi and sell locally with all proceeds going towards Trax’s GoFund account to support his medical expenses. – little did I know that the popularity of these little necklaces would explode on Instagram and my local little idea became a international ‘must have’.


I love the time Tysi and I have together while making these necklaces. – we talk about the colors we use, the animals and most importantly I try to explain to Tysi who Trax is and why we are helping him. – that’s when Tysi one day asked whether they didn’t have medicine on Trax’s planet since we were helping him. – It warms my heart that my little 4 year old has such a big impact on another little boys life who lives on the other side of the world.

Both our own family and the Bacquets feel beyond blessed by this little necklace adventure and the support from the Instagram community. We have met so many lovely people on our way and felt so much love from all over the world. My biggest dream is for all of our kids to meet one day (especially Tysi & Trax). – I think they are such great symbols of what our world should be like and that without knowing each other we can give a helping hand across continents. – I’m so proud of what I’m teaching my sons by making these necklaces.




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