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07 May '16

Kids New Season styles from Target

Posted by Paulina Eaborn

We love having a look through "Kids New Season styles from Target" - I chose one outfit each for the boys that is so perfect for the changing temperatures. - although still hot throughout the day it's good to layer up in the morning and evening. - and cover their cold little ears with some beanies. The shoe selection is on point too with some high top boots which are easy to put on and take off and also perfect to match with different outfits. 

Rixen's "Rebel" tee, - is perfect for his cheeky personality. Tysi's "Acid Jogger Pants" are super cool. - matched with a 10 bucks "flanny" which is super soft.

The styles I've chosen really make the boys look nice and comfy for the colder weather. - they both loved their shoes and Rixy kept shouting "I look so cool right now!"

(See links below for the rest of the outfits).




Tysi's Outfit:






Rixen's Outfit:




(Rixen's beanie not online - in store only) 


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